Health Risk Assessment

We believe that prevention is better than cure. Our Health Risk Assessment practice helps corporates identify the health status of their employees and health quotient for the entire organization. We work in partnership with our corporate clients with a clear quantifiable objective – move the organizational health quotient needle. This ensures happy and healthy employees and automatically increases employee productivity. The HRA takes around 10-15 minutes to complete, and users will receive a multi-paged, tailored action plan highlighting their biggest health concerns within seconds of completing it.

Artifical Intelligence Enabled HRA

Reports with suggestions on areas of improvement

Independently updated Questionnaire & AI Assistance

Mental Wellness Assessment

Stress Management & Lifestyle Evaluation

Occupational Health Center

Our onsite medical room solutions help track and treat employees' health needs in real-time through our qualified and seasoned medical professionals. Our services are within and beyond office hours for your employees through our physical and digital presence making healthcare accessible immediately. Our onsite services include 24*7 paramedic deployment, full-time/ Visiting Doctor, Standby ambulance service in office premises for your employees in hour of medical need for acute or chronic conditions.

Visiting Doctors & Nurses

Paramedic Deployment

Pharmacy & Equipment Management

Independent Ambulance Services


In today’s world doctor consultation on telephone/video is the new normal. We have created a robust network to bring this specific service 24*7 across all specialties in 18+ languages for your employees. Our experienced professional doctors help your employees take the right medical advice at the right time through our cutting-edge platform. We further offer to share existing reports/consultation papers with doctors and a follow-up consultation within 5 days, all this through the comfort of their home. Additionally, we have a network of top specialist doctors to help with second medical opinion to your employees at the time of a critical medical condition wherein they need an advice before going for a surgery or treatment.

Consultation through Tele, Video and Chat

Second medical opinion through experienced and skilled Doctors covering multiple Specialists across India

Annual Health Check Ups / Pre-Employment Health Checks

A healthy workforce is a key to higher productivity. With that in mind, many of our corporate clients provide annual health check-up facilities for their employees. Pre-joining medical tests are also a prerequisite for several corporates. Our extensive network of diagnostic centre partners provides ease and convenience in fulfilling these requirements. Our network ensures that whether a corporate requires basic diagnostic tests or a full medical check-up for its employees, we can easily provide home sample collection or visit to the best diagnostic centres across the length and breadth of the country. We have dedicated client engagement managers to facilitate these tests ensuring maximum convenience to the employees.

Onsite, Offsite & Home health checks for your employees

Keep a track on the health status and improve the physical fitness of your employees

Wellness Calendar

We offer comprehensive wellness services linked to a wellness calendar crafted in consultation with the company’s HR. This includes Yoga, Zumba, Ergonomics, Doctor sessions etc for your employees to educate them and make them stay fit and healthy. All these can be accessed on our digital platform by employees round the clock. For eg. while celebrating Yoga Day or Heart Day we are there to help you with both standard and specific requirements, our multiple engagement tools hook employees to these programs developing their interest and execution of activities by them.

Workshops and Events

Health Coach

Fitness Programs


Our comprehensive wellness network has the capability to facilitate all the vaccination and Care requirements of your employees and their family members including Covid 19 vaccination and Covid testing. We have specially designed programs for various medical needs like Pregnancy, Cancer Care, Diabetes Care, Senior Care, New born care etc to help your employees in the need of the hour with right medical advice and speedy recovery.

Vaccination - Covid & Others - Kids & Adults

Special Wellness Programs For Specific Group Of Employees

Covid Testing


Special Programs

Pregnancy Care

New Born Care (Vaccination+Paeditrician)

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