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Health Risk Assessment

Our Health Risk Assessment practice helps corporates identify the health status of their employees and health quotient for the entire organization

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Occupational Health Center

Our onsite medical room solutions help track and treat employees' health needs in real-time through our qualified and seasoned medical professionals

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We have created a robust network to bring this specific service 24*7 across all specialties in 18+ languages for your employees

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AHC / Pre Employment Health Checkup

A healthy workforce is a key to higher productivity. With that in mind, many of our corporate clients provide annual health check-up facilities for their employees

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Wellness Calendar

We offer comprehensive wellness services linked to a wellness calendar crafted in consultation with the company’s HR

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Our comprehensive wellness network has the capability to facilitate all the vaccination and Care requirements of your employees and their family members.

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How We Work

At Welleazy, we implement state-of-the-art technology in the form of artificial intelligence, robotics and data science to deliver effective wellness solutions to people and to make healthcare accurate, accessible and affordable. In our endeavour to connect people to the best available resources and create a healthier tomorrow, we uphold our core values i.e. integrity, innovation, quality and customer focus. These values are the backbone of everything we do at Welleazy.

Secure Platform
HIPPA Compliant
Integrated Solutions
Optimize Medical Cost
Employee/Employer Dashboards
Utilization Tracking
AI based health recommendations

Industries We Serve

As per Factories Act, it is a statutory requirement in Factories and Industries to provide posting for Paramedics and Occupational health physicians & doctors who are well qualified and available hands-on when required. Additional requirement is of pre-employment and routine health checkup of employees to keep track of employee health and fitness at work. It is important to meet all industrial health related compliances from time to time.

Organizations are opting to have access to the services of healthcare companies right on their campuses, making it easy for employees to consult, get diagnosed and even avail treatment. By encouraging their employees to seek primary or preventive care services they are able to achieve substantial savings in hospitalization costs. Ensuring health and safety of the employees in the workplace is the responsibility of the employer. Having optimal practices in place and ensuring that all employees adhere to them can help improve health and safety standards in the workplace.

Health and safety are an integral component of workforce sustainability and improved productivity in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmacists are constantly being exposed to chemical and biological hazards which pose a serious threat to their health. Furthermore, lack of adequate safety standards and non-compliance may impact workforce productivity and have significant repercussions on business sustenance in the long run. Therefore, it is important to have optimal health and safety practices while ensuring that all employees adhere to such regulations.

Maximum possible care is being taken of children during the education hours. A medical room has to be specially formulated for this very purpose. Basic first aid facilities to be provided for the students whenever required and Parents should be kept informed of the health status of their wards. In Schools and Institutes it is important to keep a track of student health and maintain medical facility at all times to meet the requirement of student health needs. Emergency’s become critical if not handled on time therefore it is more important to have active medical facilities in premises all the times.

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